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The Florida native J Green is on this next up list because hes a really dope unique artist and his fan base is steadily growing!
 He has a great sound and he will be one of the next superstars in no time! 

Instagram- 510jgreen

Tota makes the WHO'S UP NEXT list because first off hes super dope!, different, 
and his music is going to touch millions of people.
 I met ToTa in LA and i think hes going to blow sooner than later. Hes very versatile.
 Hes a mix of kendrick lamar, chance the rapper, and has the wordplay of joyner lucas. 

Florida native Project youngin is on the rise and hes collabed with NBA YOUNGBOY, LIL BABY etc.
 I put him on the UP NEXT list because hes going to be the new wave soon!. 
His sound is different and hes getting everything out the mud. 
Hes dropping his project called Project swift. Go check it out when it releases. 

Instagram- @projectyoungin

Euro Gotit is on this next up list because he literally came from the bottom and hes collaborated with
 Hoodrich pablo juan, lil baby, gunna and more.
He recently signed to the indie label authentic empire and they put him on the map.
 I salute to the whole AE movement. Go check out his new project "Foreign Exchange" its on all streaming platforms now.

Instagram- @eurogotit
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Lil gotit is on this next up list because hes definitely up and coming on this new wave of artists and hes also 
lil keed blood brother. Hes definitely going to tear the scene up soon. Be on the lookout for him and hearing him on the radio real soon.

Instagram- lil gotit
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Luh dino hasto be on this next up list. Hes fully invested into his craft and has a nice budget to go along with it as an indie artist. From shooting videos, to sponsored ads on IG. you have no choice but to see him on social media if you live in ATL. He has a great collab with lil keed and i hope him and his team push that song to the max cause hes definitely UP NEXT!

Fortworth, Tx artist 30 RICH has a song called "Money Laundering" thats a most definite hit! With the right situation 30 rich will be a very successful artist in my eyes. Hes definitely NEXT UP on my list. You heard it here first!

Instagram- @richthebusiness

This chicago native KID (KingInDemand) is definitley on the rise! Hes one of the most talented artists in the game period. Hes currently signed to drumsquad records, but his sound is bigger than the label hes signed to in my opinion. He gets meek mill and drake comparisons all the time. Maybe hes a ghost writer.....who knows. But i have KID on this next up list because with the right situation and the right budget behind him, he will be one of the biggest artists ever. You heard it here first. 

Instagram- @kingindemand

Well one of my predictions of WHO'S UP NEXT has already happened!!! I predicted STREET BUD was going to be a big artist soon and it actually happened. He signed to Quavo recently and now hes about to blow. I put street bud on the cover of my magazine. Secret Society Magazine because i saw the potential in him. Now lets sit back and watch him shine! 

This Haiti Native is Yoko twazy. I met him through a mutual friend and i immediately knew he was a star. He has a great personality and one hell of a story. Hes slowly but surely working his way through the industry for sure. I have him on this Who's up next list because i believe hes going to blow soon........sooner than we all think. Just wait on it.

Atlanta artist BLOODY JAY is the future. Hes very melodic and hes been underground for a while. He was locked up recently but now hes back in full affect and going on tour soon and he did a joint venture deal with THINK ITS A GAME & GOOD LIFE MUSIC GROUP, Bloody jay is definitely up next and hes a true ATL rap legend. Stay tuned!.

Instagram - @bloody_jay

El Hitta is a new upcoming artist straight from Chicago. He has a different sound that everyone needs to hear. His hit single "Aww Yea" has over 10 million views on you tube in 8 months, he also produced the song as well as he works his way to the top. El Hitta is definitely UP NEXT!! You heard it here first! Stay tuned!

Twitter- @elhitta

Instagram - @elhitta

Polo G is a new upcoming artist from Chicago. He just inked a deal with Columbia records. Hes not mainstream yet. But they are going to put the machine behind him. Polo G is definitely up next. His hit "Finer Things" has almost 40 million views nationwide. Stay on the look out for polo g. HES UP NEXT!

Twitter- @polo_capalot

Instagram- @polo.capalot

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