Wall Street Wolves is the hottest new NFT startup on the block.

Come to the NFT space for a Wall Street-style party, and assist a good cause while you're at it. Wall Street Wolves, the trendiest new NFT firm, is so new that it won't even launch until the Wolf Moon, which falls on Monday the 17th. Wall Street Wolves is a community-based NFT initiative that focuses on financial empowerment and teaches the future generation how to succeed in the Web3.0 world. The Wolfverse's 9,999 wolf-themed NFTs serve as a key to their universe. Wolfpack members get access to a variety of services, including the investment center, farmacy, penthouse, monthly airdrops, real-world events, and metaverse gatherings. The creators of the company take satisfaction in giving back to the community and navigating this new territory in an ethical and mindful manner. Their major charitable endeavor is to donate monthly to wolf sanctuaries all around the world, as well as to sponsor three real-life wolves. They hope to turn the platform into a resource for community members seeking assistance and funding for their own Wolftank initiatives.

The Wolfpack was founded by a group of long-time friends who had a same set of skills and a strong desire to succeed. They wanted to do something different in the NFT space, so they created a wolf collection based on the film The Wolf of Wall Street. Co-founders Arian Shahbazi, Ali Berro, Sina Shah, and Ashik Banjade plan to disrupt the NFT business in the same way that Jordan Belfort did on Wall Street.

"NFTs are really the doorway to financial freedom," the creators explained. The NFT market is the way it is now because the technology underlying it is so young. JPEGs that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars are proof of how amazing and powerful Web3.0 technology is. It's an extra layer of internet security that lets users to hold things directly, bypassing middlemen. NFT art collections are already demonstrating the technology. We believe that in the next five years, NFTs will broaden buyer-seller interactions to include all sorts of intellectual property, as well as homes, vehicles, and event tickets. It's effectively a power shift: sales and transaction authority will now rest with the producers and customers, rather than the organizations that surround them." 

The goal of the Wall Street Wolves is to make their community happy and provide the most value to each individual. To that purpose, they've teamed up with UpNSmoke LLC and Vegas Treehouse, two cannabis businesses, and the benefit is clear: if you have a Wall Street Wolf, you get free cannabis. UpNSmoke saw the project's social features (assisting members in gaining financial independence and contributing to philanthropy), so they positioned themselves as the first formal partnership and supplied real estate to paint the team's first NFT mural. The Vegas Tree House collaboration began with a mural collaboration between Las Vegas-based digital artist Becca and the NFT initiative Vegas Panda's Club. The Pandas handed the Wolves the key to the Vegas Tree House's front lobby wall, where they produced their largest collaborative NFT mural to date, which included many NFTs. Wolf cardholders may now enjoy the NFT art in the lobby and request a monthly $50 gift card. 

Becca is a graphic designer and artist working in Las Vegas. She is originally from the Washington, DC region. She has a lengthy experience of creating original, bright works on a freelance basis, including murals, logos, website designs, and product branding, and has a strong background in organizing and managing graphic design projects. Becca has contributed her creative abilities and expertise to the Wall Street Wolves collection's design concept ahead of its introduction, and she will continue to do so as the Wolfverse grows. 

Wall Street Wolves, like most other NFT businesses, is active in music. They've already secured a few artist relationships, and as soon as their real-life events begin to take shape, collaborating with musicians will be an important element of adding depth and color to the events. After all, the NFT space would be nothing without artists to bring it to life. 

Join Wall Street Wolves' formal launch event on their website on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 2 p.m. EST if you're interested. They're also on  Twitter or Instagram, which you may follow. 

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