Get2Millions - "Dragon Fist"


With tracks like "Richteous", "Never Fail", and "Lounging",  Get2Millions is demonstrating to the world that despite your errors, redemption is always possible. Get2Millions is in the lab, cooking up new music to motivate his fans to climb out of the ruts they may be in, with a Midwest tour planned for 2022. His motivation comes from the ability to motivate people to pursue their ambitions regardless of their circumstances.

Growing up in Chicago, Get2Millions lived in poverty and had little financial resources. He relocated to Los Angeles as a young buck in his twenties, where money became his drive. Dustin ended himself in federal prison after beginning off by generating money the wrong way. This served as a wake-up call for him, and he resolved to do all in his power to avoid returning. 

 The Artist's name is the same as his goal...Get2Millions!  His latest single, "Dragon Fist," is a unique blend of Japanese stringed instruments and pounding R&B beats infused together.



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