Antonio Edwards - "Audmars"



A little background on the artist... Edwards realized he had to grow up fast with a baby on the way at the age of 17 and practically little to his name. On weekends
he cleaned bank floors, the young single father began driving trucks for $6.50 an hour on twelve-hour stints. Edwards, on the other hand, quickly realized that he couldn't keep living on the edge indefinitely. Edwards' ambition to achieve immediately lit a fire in his heart that would propel him on his long, difficult journey to success and renown, as he was desperate to alter his tale and establish a new life for his kid. 

Antonio will release his full-length album, "Stick to the Plan," this year, which will contain six songs. Follow him on Instagram for special behind-the-scenes access and sneak peeks.

A musical version of the rags to riches story, Antonio Edwards has gone from being a teen father with less than $200 in his pocket to working as a truck driver with a side job as a janitor and becoming a popular entertainer! With his recent songs that are destined to be Top Of The Pops Hits, this soulful R&B singer joins the ranks of other crooners. 
On all streaming platforms, you may listen to "This is It," "Paranoia," and "Another Time."

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