Ro Created a Reputation as Virginia's Top Supplier for Custom Ice


Over the years, the jewelry initiative in the United States has seen a slew of major participants. Nonetheless, a few "gems" have amazed people with their degree of talent in designing and constructing art works in the form of personalized jewelry.  In America, 'Jewel Box' by Rohit Poputya, "Ro The Jeweler," is at the top of the list. 

Jewel Box is regarded as one of Springfield, Virginia's most prominent jewelry production enterprises due to its extensive collection of beautiful jewels. They take pleasure in being a prominent company that has always provided exceptional service to all of its clients by providing quality jewelry. Never one to cut shortcuts, their dedication to making tailored products with diligence and care makes clients fall in love with their brand all the more. 

Many celebrities, influential people, and athletes have taken notice of Ro's dedication to a proper business. Ro emphasizes his enthusiasm for amplifying the company's mission and catering to consumers with utmost openness and honesty, whether engaging with clients in person or digitally. "I got into the game because I was weary of seeing people get ripped off, especially athletes," he says. What distinguishes me from rivals is that I provide clients exactly what they request and do not shortcut."  Rappers 3oh Black, Lil Dude, and Goonew as well as NFL stars Tim Settle Jr, Dwayne Haskins, and Cristian Dairrisaw are among the clients Ro has had the pleasure of working with.  

Ro's path was not straightforward, he met various roadblocks that made him hesitate to devote himself to what he thought his heart was calling him to. Ro didn't feel confident enough to pursue his family's twenty-five-year heritage until his father's health sadly decreased. At the tender age of twenty-two, Ro found himself partnering up with former Virginia Tech starting receiver Eric Kumah, which proved to be his passport to the public eye. This chance provided Ro with further credibility to utilize his work and platform; Ro and Kumah formed a solid alliance and proceeded to make waves as a dynamic combination. 

Ro has created a reputation for himself and taken the business by storm as one of Virginia's most sought after suppliers for 'custom ice' something his family is extremely proud of. Since its beginning in 1995, his business has endured the test of time, and he has only believed in working harder each day to adequately service all of his clients. 

Ro's story is a great representation of leaning into your calling. When confronted with a crisis, we often withdraw. Instead, Ro used these hurdles to produce a skill that allowed his company to thrive while maintaining a sense of humility that flows into the job. 

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