Pleterski is his own boss, and phenomenally successful at that


Anyone who is skeptical of cryptocurrency's hype or doubts its capacity to earn real money should meet Aiden Pleterski, a 22-year-old Gen Z star who is making millions trading Bitcoin. 

Pleterski first encountered Bitcoin in 2015 while playing video games that allow him to make in-game transactions with cryptocurrencies. He now spends real money on genuine luxury automobiles, vacations, and dream houses.

While attending Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, the young Canadian facilitated his studies by investigating additional applications for cryptocurrencies and learning how to invest and trade it appropriately.

This was the early days of Bitcoin, when its stock was still low, competition was small, and the potential was limitless. Pleterski kept ahead of the increasing cryptocurrency trend over the following few years, extending his portfolio and reaping significant rewards from his investments.

Pleterski worked as a technical consultant for a cybersecurity firm named Compass Group Canada after graduation, but he quickly left the corporate world to focus solely on his bitcoin investments.

While many of his colleagues are hunting for entry-level work, Pleterski is his own boss, and a phenomenally successful one at that, posting photographs of his lavish lifestyle on Instagram for his thousands of followers to envy.


Instagram: @aiden_pleterski

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