Elfrogito, took advantage of the shifting scene and reaped the benefits


Rappers nowadays are able to blow up and launch a lifelong career so soon because the internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to creating and publishing songs. Elfrogito, a twenty-four-year-old rapper, took advantage of the shifting scene and reaped the benefits, with his song "Lover" garnering approximately 100 thousand streams across all platforms. Sometimes musical ability is passed down through families, beginning with his uncle, then his father, and now him. Rap took hold of Elfrogito's life when he was twelve years old, thanks to freestyle sessions during recess in primary school.

He and his close friends finally got quite confident in his abilities, and at the age of sixteen, he decided to try his hand at music. Elfrogito was born in the Canadian city of Toronto. He started rapping in his teens and released "Diamonds" in 2018. His most famous song to date is "Paid in Full," which he released in 2019. His single "Lover," which tells the narrative of his own love life, was just released. "Could I apologize for what I've done?" I know it hurts, and I blame it on love." He expresses all of his feelings, understanding that followers utilize this as a therapeutic outlet for dealing with heartbreak, depression, and anxiety. 


 instagram: @elfrogito

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