Cashfedd - "BlueStrips"


"I believe in the craft of my music because what I write about is real life, and I want to be able to provide a good example as well as a positive tone for the youth while I continue to live a boss lifestyle while caring for my family," Cash says.

With great songs like "Blue Strips" and "Cold War Part 1" gaining traction, Cashfedd continues to disprove his detractors and make his family happy.

Cashfedd is a multi-talented 24-year-old hip hop artist residing in Los Angeles, California who is swiftly rising up the ranks. Cash has been creating a reputation for himself in the hip hop underground for the past four years, releasing songs and collaborating with a wide range of artist all around the world.

As a youngster, he admired the greats of rap and swore to follow in their footsteps by living the fast-paced lifestyle he chose as he matured. Nipsey Hussle was his favorite rapper in particular. Nipsey Hussle's influence had a significant impact on Cash, shaping him into the artist and guy he is today. Cash's lyrics reflect a man who is focused on his family. Throughout his songs, he expresses his affection for them multiple times and is inspired by the prospect of having his family enjoy his accomplishment with him eventually.

Cash has also stated his plan to release an album soon, and if it is anything like his current singles, we can only think that the sky is the limit for this budding sensation. I would recommend that anybody reading this listen to Cashfedd and keep up with his campaign as he continues on his successful quest to greatness.

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