Avante: The next MK


Avante is a 20-year-old from Chicago, Illinois, who is very invested in the music industry. After growing up with the constant support from his parents to always do what he believes in, Avante fell in love with producing music. As a child he was given vinyl from his father for his seventh birthday. 

Although djing is something difficult to be known for, Avante has worked hard to get the recognition from big time industry artists. For future plans he is currently working on an album that he plans to release this summer. Rio describes the music industry as not always easy, as he says that sometimes it is hard to stay motivated. Back when he first started djing he thought about quitting many times as things were not going the way he envisioned. When speaking on perseverance, Avante said he remains empowered by the constant thought of putting in work. 

Avante enjoys djing music and he looks up to famous djs A Trak, who has been in the music industry for a while now.. 

Having supportive parents is something that Avante is very appreciative for as he knows a lot of people who constantly doubt him. When speaking to his parents he says that he has to give it all to his parents and that without them he would never be able to produce his dreams. 

Avante enjoys inspiring his audience as he wants to represent the same motto that his parents allowed him to follow. That is, follow your dreams and have no regrets. Although Avante is only twenty he is very wise and understands the key concepts to life. Success does not come easy, but when work is continuously put in, good things come out of it. 

You can find Avante on all social media platforms and see what he’s all about. 

Instagram: @avanteofficial 

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