Chicago, the Music Industry, and how George Pareti looks to change his brand


Many people are familiar with Chicago, and many individuals who wish to visit it enjoy it. Chicago has become one of the most well-known cities in the United States for its significant contribution to and influence on the music business. As a young eighteen-year-old, you have a lot of life choices to make. After observing how many of his friends were making and enjoying music, George Pareti decided to give the music industry a go. He was able to develop a deep enthusiasm for creating music and wanting to find a means to flourish inside the industry once he finally acquired a passion for the music industry. George grew up in Chicago with one sibling, surrounded by music from every genre imaginable. Given his admiration for Cole Bennett, another Chicago native. George enjoys comparing himself to others who have developed their own personal brand and drawing inspiration from them. George understands that coming from Chicago, it's not always easy to break into the music industry, but with his passion and objectives, he'll win a lot of fans all over the world. His objective is to eventually release an EP and get to the top where he wants to be as he continues to release songs and strive to build his own brand.

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