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Currently working on his debut album "God's Eyes", he refuses to let his foot off the gas and also continues to flood music platforms with his works. With hit songs such as "Down that Road", "RIP", and "Rumors" featuring LBS Kee'vin, you'll want to keep a watchful eye on this young upcoming talent as he progresses into fame.

Cole.45 is a 21-year-old Richmond, Virginia-based hip hop artist. For years he has actually perfected his craft with his melodic flow changes and his embodiment of lyricism speaking on his past struggles. Growing up he was homeless and incarcerated numerous times. Throughout his songs he speaks on what he could've done differently and how he's determined to make a difference in the world since he has learned from his previous mistakes. Chasing his music career he was able to change his life and relocate to Los Angeles where he currently resides with his fellow rap artist counterpart, thee JAE, his childhood friend.


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 Instagram: @cole.45 

 Twitter: @_fo45ive_

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