Pamela Ennis' Directorial Debut "Madam B" is Perfect Hollywood Short Film

Pamela Ennis' directorial debut Madam B. appears to be the perfect Hollywood short film of the season, with a star-studded cast and awards from prestigious film festivals. Ennis, an award-winning director and screenwriter, has been nominated for best short film and best female filmmaker at the Las Vegas Independent Film Festival. We take a closer look at Pamela Ennis' fascinating new project with only one week till its release date on October 4th. 

 Madam B. is a story of two strangers who meet in an eerie old house and quickly discover that their lives are connected through strange happenings, telepathic communication and time travel. Kirsten Aldridge stars as Paula, while Marla Gibbs plays Madam B in this short film. "I can't remember a time where I was not enamored with the art of storytelling. The process of making this film has been infused with the spirit of truth, humor and perseverance." - Pamela Ennis

Pamela (Pam) Kaye, also known as PK, is the founder and CEO of Pamela Kaye Entertainment and Films. Pam is a multi-talented producer, director, speaker, and entrepreneur. Pam has won the Best Short Film award at the Black Panther Film Festival. She is an award-winning director and screenwriter.Pam won the Best Short Film prize at the Black Panther Film Festival. Pam has a long history of writing and directing award-winning productions.

Awarded the Official Selection of The Houston Comedy Film Festival, this multi talented actress, director, screenwriter started her career as a professionally trained theatrical and film actress in New York before moving to LA where she started a successful production company.

 "The crème de la crème of the entire experience was to have my film graced with the presence of the legendary Emmy award winning actress Marla Gibbs". 

Pamela Ennis is a multitalented female filmmaker with a penchant for entertaining and thought-provoking stories.

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Madam B is unquestionably primed to be the next big thing, with a star-studded cast and accolades from major organizations and film festivals. Don't miss out on this fantastic event before it's too late.

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