Penny Suicide Host Guests From Singers, Guitarists & Drummers & more

During the global Co-Vid 19 pandemic t
o combat boredom and not be deprived of social interaction, in a weeks time Penny Suicide created a recording studio in her walk-in closet of her apartment. She figured out how to create and host a podcast from scratch. Penny Suicide interviews rotating musicians for an hour. She focuses on interviewing artists from rock, metal, and industrial genres since her musical preference is on the dark side.

She has featured musical guests ranging from lead singers, guitarists, and drummers from popular bands such as Bush, Type O Negative, Danzig, Joan Jett, LA Guns, Dope, The Murderdolls, Front Line Assembly, 3TEETH, IAMX, Dana Dentata, Grendel, and Vigil Of War. If you like music interviews, playful banter, and story telling from e-girls and musicians you will enjoy!

Penny Suicide is an alternative model as well as photographer for and also is currently working for their head office as the model as well as photography coordinator of the site. Which requires managing 10,000+ women throughout the world and a team of around 50 affiliated professional photographers.

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