"13 Entertainment"

From starting out as teammates on their high school football team, to managing various artists, making movies, Actor Patrick Byas and longtime friend and business partner Alpha Koroma Jr., can now add business owners to their resumes.

I met Pat my Senior year of High School at Hightstown High. We were walking back from practice and he asked me if I had seen his fumble in the JV game. I laughed and told him that I don’t care about seeing your fumble, I care about you making plays," said Koroma.

Koroma and Byas’ friendship grew from that day on. The two took the “team first” mindset and made it a mantra for their brand. Byas told us, “It makes it a lot easier when you have someone you can trust through this process, like Alpha. I’ve known Ali (Alpha) for many years, during which I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot from him and take in that motivation he preaches." Taking a step back and realizing the future of content lies solely in the hands of the creator, the entrepreneurial minds of Koroma and Byas created "13 Entertainment" also known as "13E".

"I know this is an interview and this is where we are supposed to tell you what we have in the works, but the way we are moving I can’t say too much yet. I will say that we got a movie on deck, already ready to go. We’re just doing some work on the back end for post production and Pat and I need to sit down with the rest of the team and start detailing and planning our media tour and promotion for the film," Koroma told us when we asked what the duo has planned.

Byas told us, “I’m happy I’ll be able to open doors and make others smile. That’s a part of my life I feel I was born to do, and It’s only right I serve the purpose I’m here for. I’m taking things one step at a time, but it’s happening, especially since I’m staying specific on the goals I have set.”

13 Entertainment and the forces behind the company are stepping into a world and industry that has the influence to shape the future. As long as Byas and Koroma keep their "motivation" mindset going, 13E’s influence will be what the world needs.

"I want to surround myself with supportive people who are also striving for greatness. To have a team that is motivated and working towards a common goal, is priceless. Alpha and I are going to kick doors open and create opportunities for people who need them. I made a promise to be my own version of Tyler Perry, and that’s already in the process. I can’t wait for people to start seeing where things are headed. I’m motivated and nothing can stop us," Byas told us.

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