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I have often allowed myself to stay in relationships where I am not happy – where I have let my partner strip me of my power. “The Best” is an answer to that; to start standing up for and believing in myself. - Amanda Rheaume


You can watch the official music video for my new single on YouTube or listen to “The Best” on Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music now.

This song is for anyone that has ever felt less than. Anyone that has ever had an intuitive feeling and gone against it because they were scared, manipulated, not believed.

Too often we allow others to take our power. We aren’t sure how to hold space. Too often we aren’t shown how to do this in a healthy way. We feel we have to apologize for being ourselves… messy, empowered, insecure, confident or not.

FORGET THAT! We are human, we can work on ourselves. I try my best to find compassion, understanding and forgiveness. I am still practicing this every day. Battling with those demons, and not letting them win.

Amanda Rheaume Métis ~ 🏳️‍🌈 ~ she/her
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