Mistique - "Almost Slipped" Freestyle Video

Mistique hails from Brooklyn, New York. She brings her BK sound combined with a hint of her West Indies background in this remix to Meek Mill's "Almost Slipped." 

The talented Queen Mistique gives us a street edge but definitely keeps it sexy in this video. The white and black BMW with the suicide doors is for sure a boss move! The blonde bob, the one piece outfit and stockings, and the thick and curvy frame unquestionably screams mass sex appeal. But that's not to take away from the many skills Queen Mistique possesses. Not only is she a dope female rapper, she's actually a director as well, directing her own video to "Almost Slipped."

Queen Mistique raps over the beat about everything a woman can relate to in a relationship or a situationship, if it's complicated. Her sexually explicit lyrics are raw and real. If a man can talk about his sexual experiences and encounters so bluntly, so can a woman. She lets us know that sometimes when the sex is good, it really can alter your better judgement. Queen Mistique gives insight into the mind of a woman who almost fell in love with a man who's simply no good. Most women have gone through that, are going through that, or will go through that, more than one time too more than likely.

Queen Mistique emerges on the scene with a mission to not just take over, but to conquer. She's holding Brooklyn down and she's not taking any prisoners when it comes to the rap game.

She also has a new video coming out soon called, "Jatty."  Be sure to subscribe to Queen Mistique's YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @queenmistique.

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