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Love is a rollercoaster, we all know that. A white-knuckle ride veering between sky high euphoriaand abject misery. Veronica Fusaro’s new single tells the story of just such a love. However,somehow the singer with the soul-soaked voice has managed to wrap these feelings in a songbursting with pure joie de vivre. She surprised herself with it. “I’m well aware of my tendency towrite melancholy songs”, she laughs. “That’s why I am really chuffed to come up with somethingso cheerful.”

A song like “Rollercoaster” with its sixties soul beat and a hint of Petula Clark and DustySpringfield can only be written by a woman who is happy in her skin. Small wonder. VeronicaFusaro has a brilliant year behind her. Her songs have been streamed more than half a million timeson Spotify. Last year alone she played 136 concerts. This year she is well on her way to beat thisfigure. During the winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, she was a massive hit at the House ofSwitzerland. She was one of the highlights of the musical program at the Swiss Music Awards. InJune, she raced from a gig in the Swiss mountains on the Friday to perform in Glastonbury on theSaturday. Low and behold, the modern hippies at one of the biggest festivals in Europe loved her,too. Such experiences are good for the soul of an artist

She may be only 22 years old, but Veronica Fusaro has already travelled a long way. As a child inthe idyllic central Swiss town of Thun, she, like all her family, listened mainly to Italian music.Aged thirteen, her world was turned upside down by the discovery of Aretha Franklin and AmyWinehouse. Soon, she wrote her own songs and, down in the basement, built her own studio. Inspring 2016 she mustered all her courage to take the train to Zurich and attend m4music,Switzerland’s most important music business conference/festival. In an attack of itchy feet she hadentered her song “Come to Naught” for the festival’s hugely popular talent competition, “DemotapeClinic”. Alone, and totally new to such events, she struggled to connect to the people around her.And then, the winner of the competition was announced: it was her. All of a sudden, Veronica hadgrown wings. Up, up and away. She has never looked back since

“Rollercoaster” was recorded in London with the legendary producer Paul O’Duffy whose long listof credits includes the likes of Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse and Lapsley. “Ich see my songs inimages,” explains Veronica. “Paul was very quick to pick up what I meant and find a way to turnthe pictures into sound.” “Rollercoaster” – a thrilling ride - once experienced, never forgotten.

The single “Rollercoaster” is an appetizer for a new EP, released on 4 October 2019

'ROLLERCOASTER' out NOW and available everywhere:

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