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Haseeb is a first-generation American artist that currently resides in Los Angeles. As a practising Muslim, Haseeb is known for talking about his culture within his hip hop beats. The new single, Friday Fish, does just that. It delves into Haseeb’s experience growing up and feeling a sense of separation from your roots. The narrative follows Haseeb discovering a love for his family’s heritage through his mother’s spice cupboard. 

Haseeb has a solid reputation as a contemporary artist with a refreshingly forward-thinking approach. His music calls upon an array of hip hop legends like The
Roots, Mos Def and J Dilla. Boasting layers of nostalgia, his tracks Feel Good and Growth caused serious buzz on the scene. Soon after their release, his career propelled to tour internationally with Kota the Friend and Sylvan LaCue. On top of this, Haseeb has opened for Lupe Fiasco and Freddie Gibbs among other pioneers in the industry. Due to his upbringing, Haseeb juggles this life as a successful touring artist with the acquisition of his Business Degree.

Alongside the new single, Haseeb has released a video that celebrates his culture, and the food within it. Aptly named Friday Fish, the visual follows Haseeb cooking one of his mother’s favourite recipes. Utilising food to connect with his ancestors, Friday Fish quite literally shows the journey of fish to the kitchen. It’s a true ode to his mothers ‘hard work on a Friday’, presented through elements of traditional hip hop and thoughtful, intelligent rhymes.

Haseeb says: As a first-generation American growing up in a Desi household, the main thing I had to connect with my culture was my mom's spice cabinet.”

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