L.A - "Flex" Video

Chicago native, L.A. has a fresh street sound that the game needs. His new single “Flex” proves that this new artist is worth paying attention to. The track comes on with L.A. bragging about the fruits of his labor. New house, fast whip, flashy watch and seductive women are all included in the lifestyle of a hot, new rapper. His vocals on the track are raspy and gritty; the type of tone that reminds you of G.Herbo mixed with Polo G.

In the lyrics, you can hear that L.A.is new to fame but he still has an aggressive work ethic. He has worked really hard to get where he is and he is ready to collect his earnings. Bape clothing is a must for L.A. but it wasn’t always something he could afford. “Flex” is a bit of a celebration for L.A. A record that is blended with the details of pain and pleasure in the life of L.A. He vows to never go back to poverty but to keep moving forward with his music so his team can eat and they earned the right to “Flex” it all.


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