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New York bred emcee and producer Josh Stone is all about the real vibez, and in his newest video "Said That I Couldn't," he's taking what he wants, no questions asked. The voice behind previous single "Joshua Stoner," (one of several tracks that are pushing him toward viral status on Spotify) Josh Stone reveals his ruthless side as he defies the rules to be with his girl, played by the gorgeous UNA. The Bonnie and Clyde scenes unfold next as the smokin video vixen helps Josh Stone bury the body!

Josh Stone delivers "Said That I Couldn't" with lyrical threats from poetic to literal over a beat so menacing it's guaranteed to make any hater nervous.Said that I couldn't/ So you know that I did/ You're broke and I'm flossin/ Take your girl to the crib.

As Josh Stone explained in a recent interview, "this song is about haters who said I’d never make it anywhere doing music, and it shows the state of our materialistic society. If you're 'winning' anything is up for grabs, including your girl, cause it’s all about breaking the rules."

"Said That I Couldn't" is the second release from Josh Stone's own imprint,Real Vibez Only, an independent label that Josh founded to have the biggest impact possible on what he sees as a troubled music landscape. With production skills that have a reputation of turning heads among some of the greatest in the industry, he's truly embracing his boundary-pushing persona in this latest visual. With "Said That I Couldn't," Josh Stone is challenging anyone to stop him from getting what he wants in his climb to the top!

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