2C Gump x YSL Gunna - "Feel Us" Video {Shot By @Savani}

South Carolina has birthed a new star! Hip hop artist 2C Gump has been in the music game for a little over three  years now and he shows no signs of slowing down. For many years South Carolina has been overlooked but 2C Gump makes many of us wish we had been paying attention to this state a lot sooner. 

Outside of being the new face of his home state South Carolina, 2C Gump has the city of Atlanta behind him, as well. Several Atlanta artist such as Lil Keed, Gunna, and Johnny Cinco have all teamed up with the Carolina artist and made some fire records. 

2C Gump and Gunna’s hot new record “Feel Us” proves that the summer is theirs. They keep things cool, calm, and collected in the video as they brag about leading an unstoppable movement while vowing to “Make them feel us” and from the looks of it; it’s working. With over 50,000+ streams and counting its obvious that listeners can feel the rise of the next trap music star. In the chorus, they promise to never stop dropping catchy records that you can ride to or vibe to in the club. 

The sound of 2C Gump is like no other. Gump is on a mission to pave the way for artists coming out of South Carolina. With his home state behind him and the official stamp of Atlanta, 2C Gump has proven to be the next artist to take over hip hop music. 

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