Renni Rucci - "Elevators" Video

Self-named, “Queen of the South”, hip hop artist, RENNI RUCCI today released her new music video “Elevators”.

“Elevators” is her first video for the song on her debut mixtape Big Renni, released last week, which received attention from XXL, HotNewHipHop, HipHop DX, Complex, and many others.

Renni shows off her curves and her signature flow in the artistically shot music video. Whether she’s swinging from the chandelier or dancing with her friends, her “in-your-face” lyrics let you know who the “Queen of The South” is and that she is here to stay.

Renni says, “When people listen to my music I want them to feel it... I mean really relate to the things I talk about. I want my music to be your turn up, your therapy, your motivational speaker.  As long as I touch someone somewhere and they feel something they never felt before when they listen to me I am happy with that.”

Renni has been gaining an impressive social media following, reaching 625K on Instagram. This, coupled with her millions of plays across streaming platforms shows Renni’s fans are ready for even more music.

2019 is the year of RENNI RUCCI!!

Renni is proud to be included among the new breed of fully empowered, badass female rappers who are bringing humor and good-natured flexing to the often too-serious and overly masculine rap world. Renni is controversial in her lyrics but as a mom of two, and making initial moves as a stripper, she is wanting to get her message to other women as an inspiration.

Alongside acts like City Girls, Cardi B, and Kamaiyah, Renni is showing her peers that being a female rapper isn’t a schtick—it’s simply the new normal.  “I’m very thankful for what’s happening for females in hip-hop right now. It’s opening doors for me and we are opening doors for others.”

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