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Jane Handcock Lets Us See Through Her Eyes in New Video for 
"Woopty Woop"

In this introspective video, Jane Handcock sings through heavy subject matter like over-policing and poverty while the film captures a personal glimpse into her world. Known for pouring her heart into her lyrics, Jane reflects on life’s challenges honestly and doesn’t hold back. Rocking a shirt that reads #GMFU (Got Me Fuc**d Up), the singer sets the record straight for anyone who would try to mislabel her perspective. 

 Ni**a I ain’t woke / I ain’t sleep/ Just look round with my fuc**n eyes/ I can see...


 As usual, the narratives from Jane Handcock on “Woopty Woop” are wise beyond her years. In a recent interview she explained how she only writes from real experiences, and why every song has to connect authentically to her own life. “I was raised to believe that you never talk about what you haven’t been through, and I’ve taken that belief subconsciously into my music. I don’t write about things I haven’t been through.” As an Oakland native who’s overcome struggles to achieve her dreams as an artist, there’s no doubt the vulnerability of “Woopty Woop” is a true representation of her strength.

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