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YNW Melly releases his latest EP, WE ALL SHINE and drops its first visual, "Mixed Personalities" featuring KANYE WEST. Melly is the exciting new star out of Florida, who captivated music lovers everywhere with his RIAA Certified Gold single, "Murder On My Mind" and his telling documentary, MELLY.

WE ALL SHINE features special appearances from pop culture icon, Kanye West and local Baton Rogue rapper, Fredo Bang. Discussing the project Melly stated, "It’s really based on what [I] grew up on - being locked up for 2 years of [my] life...It means more than just gang banging. We All Shine is to the universe to the whole world. It’s not just Black culture but to White culture, to every culture, we all shine." He continued, "We all need to come together as one nation and just let everybody shine and stop bringing darkness to each other and stop depression, you know what I’m saying? I just want everybody to find the light deep deep inside of their soul and let them find themselves for themselves and we all gone shine and its not gonna happen unless we all shine together."

Melly's juxtaposition of misery stricken lyrics and beautifully exuberant production assists in his remarkable body of work to both loyal fans and curious music lovers around the world. Less than a year into music, the 19 year-old has accumulated over 200 million views on YouTube. Stands out tracks such as: “Murder On My Mind,” “Virtual,” and “Melly the Menace” has shot Melly to the forefront of Florida rap and caught the attention of The Fader, Forbes, Pitchfork, Complex, Genius, Hypebeast, Hot New Hip-Hop, Elevator, and many more.

Melly lives in the present and labors beautiful rap ballads. The Florida native's emotive ambition has the potential to transcend music, which didn't go unnoticed by one of music's biggest stars, Kanye West.

Florida-born vocalist and rapper YNW Melly (b. Jamell Demons) is winning over new listeners daily with his spirited rap storytelling, eccentric personality, and paradoxical approach. The 19-year-old recording artist from Gifford, Florida first discovered a penchant for turning the adversity he faced into compelling songs at the age of 15, drawing from his own experiences to be both a voice for others and build his own empire.

From exploring his talents as a naturally gifted vocalist and promising songwriter in middle school to later being incarcerated for a weapons charge at age 16, YNW Melly has proven he has what it takes to persevere against all odds. In 2018, he continued combating his legal woes by consistently dropping one-off singles, leading up to the release of his debut project, ​I Am You​, in August. Back with his newest EP, WE ALL SHINE and an incredible record with Grammy award-winning icon, Kanye West, Melly is a force to be reckoned with.


WE ALL SHINE is currently available on all streaming platforms.



1. City Girls
2. No Heart (Love No More)
3. Rolling Loud
4. Robbery
5. Beat A N*gga Block
6. Hold Up (Wait 1 Min)
7. No More
8. No Holidays
9. Mixed Personalities Ft. Kanye West
10. Why You Gotta Walk Like That???
11. F*ck PNC Bank
12. Ingridientz Ft. Fredo Bang
13. Curtains (Burtains)
14. Control Me
15. Alarm
Bonus Track: Butter Pecan


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