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Bronx rap trio The Legion take us back to “1980 Something” in their new video that depicts the good, the bad, and the ugly from that decade including Ronald Reagan’s flawed drug war and larger-than-life parties.
To capture the vibe of New York City (and the country at large) in the ‘80s, the Double Dog Films crew did a stellar job of blending footage from that era with shots of The Legion posted up in the BX. As MoleculesDiceMan, and Chucky Smash pass the mic back and forth throughout the track, you see shots of Reagan, drug busts, live performances, wild outfits, and so much more that encapsulated that time period.
What’s more, you get to witness the energy and passion of the three emcees of The Legion. They can’t help but grin as they spit their bars at the camera and seamlessly move from one member’s raps to the next. The “1980 Something”video is a highly engaging and entertaining glimpse of what The Legion has in store on their new album, Three The Bronx Way. While you wait for that release, be sure to keep their debut LP, Theme + Echo = Krill, in rotation—an album that remains as dope today as it was back in ‘94.
Check out the visuals for “1980 Something,” and mark your calendars for the release of Three The Bronx Way, due out Feb 01 through all major DSPs and vinyl via Legion Records, distributed by Fat Beats.

1. Intro
2. Word (feat. Sadat X)
3. 1980 Something
4. Joy
5. Fresh
6. Sour Break
7. Drop The Beat
8. Make It Hot (feat. Beneficence & Dres)
9. Heard We Quit (feat. Droopy Dog)
10. Three The Bronx Way
11. Outro
*All tracks produced by Molecules except "Three The Bronx Way" produced by Venom.

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