Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn - "Coconuts" Video

Transmitting introspective lyricism and cross-firing it with an archetypical British rap disposition, Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn are resiliently honest in their latest, laid-back release, ‘Coconuts’.

Opening with the sweet sounds of the sea and birdcall, the simple percussive beat then kicks in to lay the foundations of the record. As the track progresses, Harvey Gunn’s technical prowess and boundary breaking innovation as a producer comes to the forefront. The intricate layers of instrumentation, samples, melodies and vocals build, and the quirky dynamics of this standout record are shaped, creating the canvas for Frankie Stew and his lyrical mastery.

Drawing on the acute symbiosis of this duo, Frankie Stew then goes on to marry his words around the music. The track ignites the senses as he weaves thoughtful lyrical imagery around the music with his disarmingly smooth vocals, drawing on the sweet taste of Coconuts and beach life for the hook and the realities of life through the verses.

Having been an undiscovered secret by many, for those in the know, Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn are a top priority. The duo have built a significant streaming audience and a dedicated following that has seen their individual track streams regularly tip the ¼ million mark on Spotify alone, and their debut headline tour sell out across the country - namely London, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester. Now with the release of ‘Coconuts’, the pair is set to raise the bar once again as they reach to new fans and music lovers with their ingenious sound. Their gorgeous instrumentals and intelligent lyricism will then be brought to life once more as they follow the release with their Autumn tour.



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